Videos [Historical]

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The Man and His Idea

This 17-minute video is narrated by Eleanor Miles shortly after Larry Miles' death.

This home video in the backyard of the Miles' home is about the many awards presented to Larry and much of the history of VA/VE.

Their home on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay is called "Reflections", which accurately depicts the beautiful sunset view.

Eleanor reads material from panels erected for this presentation. Much of the history of Larry's work is described. Larry was always indebted to General Electric for its support of his love for Value Analysis. Of his many awards, Eleanor tells us that Larry treasured his final award from GE the most.

Eleanor gives us a pleasant surprise by showing us the imperial Medal awarded to Larry and presented to Eleanor by the Japanese government and some details about the award ceremony.

Value: The Success Criterion

Illustrates a typical Value Engineering workshop to improve business in manufacturing, government and Contractor VECP's. Provides testimonials from the U.S. Air Force, CALTRANS, DOD and Westinghouse.

US-DOD Value Engineering - Function, Cost, Worth Training

(Circa Late 1950's)

This training video was developed by the US DoD to communicate the principles of function, cost, and worth. Since this time, the Value profession generally avoids the use of the words "COST REDUCTION" and instead focuses on "VALUE IMPROVEMENT." Use of VA/VE for "COST REDUCTION" is an exception and not the rule. As Value Analysis/Value Engineering has evolved into the Value Methodology, the video does not fully represent contemporary SAVE International and ASTM Value Analysis/Value Engineering Standards. The basic principles of functions, function cost, and worth and cost modeling continue to apply.

VDOT Value Engineering

The Commonwealth has mandated the use of value engineering to improve value and reduce the cost to taxpayers. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) administers this program

A Gift of Value

Municipal application of Value Engineering in stretching a transportation bridge so that funds saved by a community can be used for additional necessary work.