VM Education Outreach

The Miles Value Foundation (MVF) desires to support graduate and undergraduate elective courses in Value Methodology (VM) at accredited institutions that express a desire to offer our curricula and are willing to undertake the following commitments to help insure long-term (5-10 years) continuity of the offering.

The Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation (MVF) exists to develop, apply, and promote the use of the Value Methodology worldwide. Part of the MVF mission is to assist universities in offering semester (or quarter) courses on the value methodology, also known as value engineering and value analysis. This methodology was created by Lawrence D. Miles of General Electric in the mid 1940’s. Since then it has spread around the world to improve the value of construction projects, manufacturing products, and management processes. SAVE International and MVF are the industry recognized organizations for the value methodology.

Application Process

To initiate the process we ask that the accredited institution submit to the Miles Value Foundation an application letter on their letterhead, signed by the program sponsor (Department head, Dean, etc), committing to the following essential points:

      1. Designate one full-time faculty, member as its instructor for the course (provide name, address, telephone, e-mail)
      2. Maintain qualified instructor(s) in VM recognized by MVF
      3. Embrace VM as a useful part of their elective curricula
      4. Offer a VM course for credit at least once a year, sending the Miles Value Foundation a copy of the offering (catalogue page, etc)
      5. Commit to using the MVF provided materials
      6. Report to MVF assigned contact annually the number of courses offered, number of students completing the course(s), and course material feedback
      7. Promote student participation in SAVE International
      8. Participate in the MVF University Challenge, Scholarship programs and Paper of the year Competition

Upon receipt of the above letter of application, the MVF will contact the designated instructor to initiate the support of the MVF as outlined in our Education Plan

Education Plan

For those institutions whose applications are accepted, MVF will provide the following support to the institution:

  1. One time registration fee for a full-time faculty member to attend a VMF1 course (up to $2,000)
  2. One time registration fee for a full time faculty member to attend the SAVE International Value Summit (up to $1,000)
  3. VM library of books/ e-books (up to $200 from MVF book library)
  4. VM Education Materials (Including course syllabus, training slides and sample exams).

Students who successfully complete this VM course may be issued a Certificate of Completion from the Miles Value Foundation

Certification Option

For those institutions who wish their students to apply for Value Methodology Associate (VMA) certification though SAVE International, there are additional requirements needed. MVF will provide guidance to meet SAVE International's certification requirements.

For more information, please contact:

Stephen J. Kirk, Ph.D., CVS-Life

VP of Education, Miles Value Foundation

Phone: 313-701-2084

e-mail: skirk@kirkvalueplanners.com