Education Program

Education Program


The Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation (MVF) exists to develop, apply, and promote the use of the Value Methodology worldwide. Part of the MVF mission is to assist universities in offering semester (or quarter) courses on the value methodology, also known as value engineering and value analysis. This methodology was created by Lawrence D. Miles of General Electric in the mid 1940’s. Since then it has spread around the world to improve the value of construction projects, manufacturing products, and management processes. SAVE International and MVF are the industry recognized organizations for the value methodology.

Value Methodology Course Opportunity

For those universities that agree to offer a VM course, MVF will provide the following to the university:

  1. One full-time faculty member to attend a VMF1 course of 32 hours (up to $1500)
  2. Free attendance at a SAVE International Conference (up to $800)
  3. VMF 1 Course license fee (up to $300)
  4. VM library of books/ e-books (up to $200 from MVF book library)
  5. VM training slides
  6. Semester course suggested outline & sample exams

Students who successfully pass the VM course will be allowed to receive a VMF1 certificate from the SAVE and or MVF approved instructor. In addition the students will be permitted to take the VMA exam from SAVE. If the student passes, they will receive a VMA certificate from SAVE and be allowed to use the letters VMA by their name.

Also the university will be permitted to participate in other MVF sponsored events such as:

  • Individual student scholarship
  • University Challenge student team VM study
  • Paper of the Year

University Agreement

A letter of agreement from the university (Dean or Department Chair) to MVF is required to initiate the above education plan. The university would agree to teach the course within one year and submit an annual course report including:

  • Number of courses offered and number of students completing each course.
  • Full time faculty member teaching course and contact information
  • Student contact information for obtaining feedback from students

University selection criteria (used to prioritize MVF funding):

  • Interest in offering a VM course
  • Number of students to be trained each year
  • Nominated full-time faculty member (provide resume)

For more information, please contact:

Stephen J. Kirk, VP of Education

Miles Value Foundation

Phone: 313-701-2084