Education Agreement

Proposed Education Agreement

The Miles Value Foundation desires to support graduate and undergraduate elective courses in value methodology at schools that express a desire to offer our curricula and are willing to undertake the following commitments to help insure long-term (5-10 years) continuity of the offering.

We ask that each school send the Miles Value Foundation a letter on their letterhead, signed by a department head, containing the following essential points:

      1. Designate one faculty member as its champion for the course (provide name, address, telephone, e-mail)
      2. Maintain instructor capability in VM (either faculty member or guest instructor)
      3. Embrace VM as a useful part of their elective curricula
      4. Offer a VM course for credit at least once a year, sending the MVF a copy of the offering (catalogue page, etc)
      5. Commit to using the MVF text and instructor guides (either Business or Engineering curricula)
      6. Report to the MVF annually how many are taught, and how successful the course
      7. Maintain contact with the MVF assigned coach
      8. Promote student participation in SAVE International
      9. Participate in the MVF scholarship program
      10. Recommend changes to update curricula, tests, homework, etc

Upon receipt of the above letter, the MVF will contact the designated instructor to provide the support of the MVF as outlined in our Education Plan

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