2019 - 2020 Annual Report

Note from the President

I am pleased to publish this report surrounding the many contributions and advances that the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation (MVF) has completed or worked on this year. As a team of uncompensated volunteers, we continued to devote numerous hours and personal resources for the perpetuation and advancement of the Miles Value Methodology.

Don Parker, as Honorary Chairman of the MVF Board of Trustees, circulated last year’s annual report to the Trustees. As representative of the Trustees, Don continues to interface with them on matters of the Foundation.

I attended the SJVE Conference in October and presented a Miles gift to SJVE, made a brief presentation, and conducted a 2-day Facilitation Training class. The SJVE conference was an outstanding success and the hosts of the conference were superb. Special appreciation is extended to Satoko Uesugi, Dr. Sawaguchi-san, Yoshio Sato, and my escort Alice. Their hospitality was outstanding and I enjoyed a few extra days with my friend and colleague Sato-san and his wife Teruko-san at their seaside apartment. It was a wonderful trip.

The MVF Forum at the 2019 SAVE International® Value Summit in Portland was another big success. This Forum focused on the Creative Phase of the VM Job Plan. The MVF Forum at the 2020 Value Summit was expected to focus on the Evaluation Phase of the job plan. However, since the SAVE Summit was canceled due to COVID 19, and has been re-planned as a virtual conference, the Forum for this year was canceled. We have deferred the MVF Forum focusing on the Evaluation Phase until next year’s 2021 Summit in Phoenix.

Revenue and donations to the MVF after expenses are $10,665.80 for the reporting year. On behalf of the Board we thank all of those who have donated and for the cooperation of SAVE International® contributing on-going revenues from the sales of the Function Analysis Guide.

On behalf of the Foundation, I express many thanks to outgoing Directors Rob Stewart and Jay Mandelbaum for their years of service to the Foundation. Jay helped re-write the ASTM VE Standard and served as webmaster supporting the Foundation’s previous website. Rob did an exemplary job chairing the VM Guide committee which finished its task.

SAVE International® Value Methodology Guide/Body of Knowledge (Rob Stewart)

SAVE International is in the final stages of completing the Guide to the Value Methodology Body of Knowledge (VM Guide®). This effort has taken about 10 months of effort on the part of over a hundred individuals representing both SAVE and MVF. MVF was well represented with several of its Directors serving on the VMBoK Technical Committee. These included:

  • Ginger Adams

  • Javier Masini

  • Tammy Dow

  • Istvan Tarjani

  • Robert Stewart

These individuals contributed countless hours and many long weekends of their lives to support this important initiative. Their professionalism, knowledge, and passion are what kept this project on track and focused. Rob Stewart, chairman of the Technical Committee, was both impressed, and pleasantly surprised, by the strong effort, respect, and thoughtfulness from everyone who participated. The teamwork that was demonstrated was truly outstanding. Rob stated “I am very proud not only of the end product, but also of the work of our colleagues within the VM community.”

Rob also acknowledged the efforts of other MVF directors that had a hand in the effort. These include:

  • Drew Algase

  • Jim Bolton

  • James McCuish

  • Bruce Lenzer

  • Steve Garrett

These individuals served as reviewers and provided valuable feedback and input in making the VM Guide better. Once again, the MVF has demonstrated leadership and presence in helping grow the knowledge of the Value Methodology and supporting SAVE International and the VM community.

VM Memory Jogger® 2nd Edition

As a reminder, the VM Memory Jogger® 2nd Edition is available in the original 3.5” x 5.5” “Pocket Guide or Memory Jogger” size, as well as a 5”x7” “Desktop Guide” size. The larger size can be used as textbooks for university VM curricula or as a supplement for the Value Methodology I and II certification courses.

Due to the changes resulting from the newly developed VM Guide, we need to incorporate those changes to the Memory Jogger. However, instead of creating a 3rd edition, we will publish something like an Errata which will cover the differences between the VM Guide and the Jogger. The Errata, or document of changes, will be mailed with copies of the 2nd Edition Jogger. After Goal/QPC’s stock depletes, we will then incorporate the Errata or document of changes into a 3rd edition.

Lawrence D Miles Value Engineering Reference Library – University of Wisconsin

Library Archivist, Ms. Alex Krensky, is doing a great job continuing to upload digital MVF artifacts, documents, materials, and records to the Library website.

We continue to evaluate the possibility to relocate this collection and hope to find a university setting with a more active VM educational program that would be willing to shelf selected books in the open. However, until such time, the Archived Reference Center materials can be accessed at the following web address:

Terry W Beuthling

In Memory of Terry W Beuthling, MVF Liaison to Miles Reference Library at the University Wisconsin

It is with deep sadness to announce the passing of Terry Buethling March 20, 2020. Terry served as our MVF Liaison to Miles Reference Library at the University of Wisconsin for several years. Terry’s contributions are very much appreciated as he helped bridge the changes that resulted from the closure and discontinuance of the Wendt Library where some of Miles’ artifacts and books were displayed. These items are now archived. However, the Library has set up a website with a lot of the artifacts available for access or viewing on-line.

Terry was a jewel as SAVE International members go and was an excellent resource to assist the Foundation as our Liaison to the Miles Library. He will be greatly missed. Since Terry has journeyed to his eternal reward, we are in search of a volunteer to continue this function for the Foundation. Ideally, this individual should be in close proximity to the University and should be a member of SAVE International and/or the Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation. If you know of a possible candidate, please let me and Jim Bolton know.

The Foundation expresses its condolences and sympathies to Terry’s family and the VM Community at large. Terry’s obituary can be found at the link below:

In Memory of Al Dell’Iosla

Al was a friend and colleague to many on the Foundation and blazed a trail to perfect VE within the construction industry. Al was a legend and known as the Godfather of VE in construction. He was Steve Kirk’s mentor, boss, co-author, and most importantly his friend for over 40 years. He passed away peacefully at 11:30 PM on April 21st.

Al taught thousands around the world on VE applied to the construction industry and was the first to publish a book on the subject. He received accolades from Larry Miles for his pioneering VE work and was a recipient of the prestigious Lawrence D. Miles Founders award from SAVE International. Al enjoyed telling stories, eating Italian food, and loved his family so much. His bio said he pioneered the use of value methods in the construction industry. He was a specialist in VE, life cycle cost analysis, cost control, and construction management. He supervised these types of services on over 500 projects and had over fifty years of experience working on VE studies. He graduated from MIT with a degree in civil engineering. Mr. Dell'Isola was honored with the Distinguished Service and Fellow Awards of the SAVE. He received a citation as Man of the Year (1967) from the Engineering News-Record for outstanding achievement in VE. In addition, he conducted over 300 briefings and speeches to over 50,000 professionals in the above areas, both nationally and internationally. He was the author of the textbooks, Value Engineering in the Construction Industry, (3 editions) and was co-author of the text, Life Cycle Costing for Facilities, published with R.S. Means in 2003 with Steve Kirk. Al co-authored a book, Project Budgeting for Buildings, in 1991 with Don Parker.

Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation Miles Value Institute

As mentioned in last year’s Presidents report, the Foundation is also pursuing our long standing commitment to establish the Miles Value Institute. However, instead of a brick and mortar facility, we are proposing a virtual concept as this is the wave of the 21st century. Therefore, to sustain and perpetuate the Miles Legacy, the Foundation calls on all our Board members, officers, and trustees to help us with fund raising so we can allocate resources to make this Value Institute a reality.

We have assembled a Foundation team to develop the Lawrence D. Miles Virtual Value Institute and we will be seeking individual and corporate donations to fund this Foundation initiative.

The original plan was a leased brick and mortar facility. However, the cost was beyond the financial capacity of the Foundation. We tried several avenues, unsuccessfully, to acquire government funding or funding from private and industry sponsors. On behalf of the Foundation and in the spirit to perpetuate the legacy of Larry Miles, we appreciate consideration of donations however large or small toward making the Value Institute a reality.

The Lawrence D. Miles Virtual Value Institute special projects committee consists of the following members:

  • Drew Algase, MVF Chairman

  • Bruce Lenzer, MVF President and MVI project Co-Chair

  • James McCuish, MVF Director and MVI project Co-chair

  • Steve Kirk, MVF VP Education

  • Richard Harrington, MVF Director and Value Man!

  • Dr. Sawaguichi-san, SJVE representative & MVF Trustee

  • Don Parker, MVF Honorary Chairman of Trustees and father of the original Institute

  • Istvan Tarjani, MVF Director and SHVA/EU rep

  • Manfred Ninus, Value for Europe collaborator

We are holding this committee to 9 members at present. Keeping a small team will help us move along quickly to establish this longstanding initiative of the Foundation to formulate and actively engage a Value Institute.

We held our first committee meeting on May 17, 2020 and charted a path forward to build a business model and consider building a FAST diagram. Don Parker, who composed the first Institute plan, shared his list of functions that he solicited from members of the Foundation. Other functions were recently received from Dr. Steve Kirk. In closing we decided to have a small sub-team draft a business model as well as develop attributes of success and objective measures. Another action taken was to clarify the difference between the Foundation and the Institute. It is exciting to see this initiative launch.

MVF Europe Report (Istvan Tarjani)

  1. Liaison with the EGB. Report for the MVF BOD about the connection & common issues.

The MVF BOD received information on:

a. Official name.

The EGB is currently working on changing the official name as “Value For Europe.” It can be observed that in more and more places, e.g. on the website, in correspondence and in presentations, the EGB strives to use only the name "Value For Europe." Abbreviations: VfE, VFE, V4E, etc. It reflects a polite attitude when, if possible, the new name is used by the partners as well. However, until the change appears in the memorandum of association, the mention of the name EGB is not incorrect.

b. Standard development.

The development of the EN12973 standard began a few years ago. The new standard has been released. European countries are taking over and naturalizing it step by step. The document is available in English.


c. Activities of the EGB.

- A new phase of developing a VM standard is under preparation.

- Maintaining and developing the website is a constant task.

- A new challenge is to adapt the training and qualification system to the new circumstances.

d. Comparison and review of VMF1 and VM Module 1 course materials VMF1 és VM Module1.

It is well known that SAVE Intl. and the EGB agreed on rules for the interoperability of professional qualifications; CVS & PVM. In order to make the comparison of other (lower) levels of rating systems transparent to experts, the preparation of a new model has started. In both rating systems, as a trainer-licensed instructor, I produced the first raw version of the new model. The model is opened to further modifications. The new model aims to provide trainers with information to demonstrate the two rating systems. If worthwhile, we can also open the topic for publication by the MVF BOD. See the scheme “Overviewing the relevant contents of QVA and VMA” below.

e. Organizing the participation of EGB President Mr. Manfred Ninaus in the SAVE Summit in 2019; opportunity for meetings.

f. If MVF BOD members need more information, I am open to working together.

2. Central-East-European Value Management Centre (CEEVMC)

  • The launch date of the CEEVMC concept was the international conference held in April 2018 in Budapest (SAVE-EUROPE Conference). The presence of the MVF in the background advantageously supports the aspirations.

  • We received several inquiries from neighboring countries regarding English language education. Unfortunately, the conditions for this have not yet been created, because SAVE Intl's Qualification System has not yet provided an adequate response to university courses.

  • Last year, I started promoting VE education at several universities. Also, in Hungary and neighboring countries. I have a very good partner in this project, Dr. Zsuzsa Szeles, one of the vice-presidents of SHVA. She is a full-time university professor. Our partners are also young teachers in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. They are smart people and it would be great to work with them in the near future. Discussing and accepting the subject of VE education as a perspective is not in itself a challenge because they are interested in and understand the benefits to students. A university professor from Slovakia (Dr. Zsuzsa Szeiner) was delegated as a speaker to the 2019 conference. We received a lot of help from Jim Bolton in this, and we thank him again.

  • Operation of the library. Service with the help of our own private library (about 40 books in English and 100 in Hungarian).

  • One of the most important support that universities would need will be a 1-1 sample of the latest VA / VE / VM books for their libraries. It would be great to develop a support system and promote education there.

  • Challenges

      • MVF BOD requires a decision on whether it is possible to support Eastern European university libraries with books in 2020. In order to maintain legality, U.S.

      • law must be examined. The availability of financial resources needs to be examined.

      • o University education by university professors who are not CVS certified. Supplementing the regulations related to the SAVE rating system.

In Memory of the Late Charles Byetheway (Bruce Lenzer)

In memory and honor of Charles Bytheway, father of Function Analysis System Technique, the Foundation is including the following You-Tube links for members of the Foundation. The Foundation is pleased that we have these remarkable videos to honor the memory of the man who helped set apart Value Engineering with the innovation and creation of FAST.

Module 1 History

Module 2: Takeaways

Module 3: Logic Diagrams

Module 4: Applications

2020 Miles Value Foundation Forum “Evaluation Phase”

As mentioned in my opening note from the President, our MVF forum during the 2020 SAVE International® Summit was to focus on the Evaluation Phase. However, since the Summit was canceled and re-programmed as virtual conference, we will not be hosting this Forum this year. The Forum is planned for next year’s 2021 conference in Phoenix, and will be led by Tammy Dow, Steve Kirk, and Bruce Lenzer.

MVF 2019 Paper of the Year

Don Parker and Steve Kirk reviewed the numerous papers submitted for the 2020 Value Summit. The winning paper was “VM Study on Excavator Cabin – Controls & Structure,” authored by Mihir Tungare, VA/VE Specialist with Tata Technologies Ltd., Pune, India. Congratulations to Mihir for a very noteworthy paper deserving this award.

The “function inspired change criteria” and weighting of importance is as follows:

Function Analysis, 20%
FAST, 20%
Function Ideas, 25%
Creativity, 15%
Change Identified, 10%
Magnitude of Savings, 10%

Each evaluator independently scored the papers based on this criteria and weighting.

MVF 2020 Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Lekan Domilola from City University in Hong Kong was awarded the 2020 MVF $1000 Scholarship. The scholarship was based on an application received and reviewed by the VP Education, Steve Kirk, and will help with this student’s PhD pursuit.

SAVE International ® - MVF University Challenge (Steve Kirk)

Unfortunately, we did not have any submittals for this year’s University Challenge. We will work with SAVE to solicit this Challenge in 2021.

MVF Website

The Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation is dedicated to advancing the Value Methodology by implementing initiatives to innovate, educate, and advocate.

The Board will be assigning Directors to do more to maintain and update the Website, including the following:

  • Fix the issue with books offered by the MVF or SAVE which are no longer stocked.

  • How does someone buy books or resources we now offer, but don’t currently have a way to fulfill an order? Etc.

MVF E-books (Javier Masini/Jim Vickers)

To date the Foundation has had numerous e-book sales. Director Javier Masini and Treasurer Jim Vickers are working out a method to obtain statistics for e-book sales, regardless of which service we are using.

MVF Educational Outreach

MVF has received an MVF education agreement with the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, Department of Engineering Management & Technology. Assisting professor Sandra Affare, PhD in the teaching of a VM semester course this fall.

A dedicated committee of MVF Directors will be assigned to Dr. Kirk to further manage the Education outreach of the Foundation.

MVF Exhibit

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 SAVE International Summit, there will obviously be no MVF Exhibit booth this year. However, assuming the 2021 Phoenix conference is a go, MVF will exhibit as in the past.

MVF Secretary Position

The MVF expects that Joe Long, our current Secretary, may be voted onto the MVF Board as a Director this year, which will leave the Secretary position open. Since the Foundation has been experiencing a growth in revenue, the Board of Directors is considering adding budget to pay for this service. The Secretary is the only MVF position that allows payment for such involvement. Therefore, the Board will take this matter up when we conduct our 2021 virtual budgeting meeting this Fall 2020.

MVF Board of Trustees (Don Parker)

MVF Trustees shall be eminent and distinguished scholars, managers, and professionals in many fields from both government and industry. In both their public and personal life, they must believe in the importance of value and endorse the objectives of the Foundation. The MVF Board of Trustees is encouraged at any time to make recommendations to the MVF Board of Directors concerning the policy and objectives of the Foundation.

The MVF Board of Trustees is limited to 15 members, including Honorary Chairman. The Board of Trustees consist of the following 8 individuals:

Robert Burton JD
Honorable Leslie Byrne
Dorine Cleton
Dr. Don Gerhardt
James O’Brien
Donald Parker – Honorary Chair
Jim Rains
Dr. Manubu Sawaguchi

MVF Annual Financial Report

The Foundation’s Annual Finance Report is as follows:

MVF Checking Account as of December 31, 2019: $44,740.82

General Account Balance as of December 31, 2018: $34,025.00

Difference +$10,715.82


  • SAVE royalties and books sales: $8,785.00

  • GOAL QPC royalties: $589.00

  • Amazon online royalties: $71.00

  • Donations:

Private (no Corporate): + $1,910.00

Memory Sticks +Cash or Square receipts (None)

Accounts Receivable:

On-Line Courses: $700.00

Fidelity Investments: $46,856.00 (increase of $714 since 12/31/18)

Book Inventory: $ 4,000.00 (Held by SAVE International for sale)


TOTAL MVF ASSETS 2019: $ 90,984.00

TOTAL MVF ASSETS 2018: $ 80,167.00

NET DIFFERENCE: + $10,817.00


Expenses $99 INCOP Statutory Registration


Patron members ($1,000 and greater)


Sustaining members ($500 - $999)

Bruce & Sara Lenzer

Synergy Value Solutions, LLC

Donor members ($100 - $499)

Drew Algase

L.M. Goode

Hank Ball

Richard Harrington

Benjamin Thompson

Dorine Cleton

Joey Nespoli

Jim Vickers

Contributing members ($50-$99)

Vinny Kisson

Timothy Brock

Individual members ($1.00 – 49.00)

Note: * denotes member gave $25 - $49 and is eligible to vote at the Annual Business Meeting.

Krishnakumar S. Nair *
Khursheed Kahn Salar *
John R. Muniz *
Amir Kamil Mohamad Saeed *
Jose Rivera *
William Hunt *
Rosman Bin Abd Aziz *
Clestine Aguwa
Minnie Milkert
Renee Hoekstra
Kathy Bethany
Jay Bytheway
Steve Holmes
Christine from the Phillipines
Sami from Saudi Arabia
Saud from Saudi Arabia

Office of the President, Bruce Lenzer

4913 Purcell Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111